Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection Training for Medical & Healthcare Practitioners


The SMAE Institute proudly working in Partnership with SKCIN

Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection Training for  Medical & Healthcare Practitioners

The award-winning MASCED PRO training programme developed by specialist skin cancer awareness charity SKCIN, educates healthcare professionals on the detection of suspicious lesions that may indicate the early signs of skin cancer. Melanoma of the foot and lower leg has an outstanding misdiagnosis rate of 36%, Podiatrists, Chiropodists and Foot Health Professionals are therefore well placed to aid in the early detection of potentially cancerous lesions and signpost accordingly for professional clinical assessment. Early diagnosis and treatment are essential in improving patient outcomes. By updating your professional skills, you can become a powerful advocate in the fight against skin cancer and potentially, save lives.

Practitioners will receive a printed welcome pack which includes a welcome letter, mole ruler, patient material and MASCED PRO Guide. The MASCED PRO guide and mole ruler are designed to be kept in clinic as easy reference tools to aid practitioners in their everyday practice.

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